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Caroline Inks Blanchard

All videos, pictures and memories of my beautiful wife, 10 years after her death. To make sure she won’t be forgotten.

1998 – The early years 5:07

Our first correspondence and the very first trips in Belgium and in Seattle.

To France 5:55

Our first holidays together and the proposal.

Wedding in Seattle 6:29

The wedding in Seattle on Dec 31st, the honeymoons and the Halloween party in Maple Valley.

(New) 2003 – Egypt: Cruise on the Nile 6:15

Our trip in Egypt and the beautiful images she got the opportunity to see.

We took this trip in Oct 2003. It was a surprise. We were in a market passing by a shop selling holiday packages. I saw the trip description in the window. A few minutes later, I asked her to wait for me because I have some shopping to do.

I came back with the whole trip booked and the flight tickets: 1 week on a cruise on the Nile and 1 week along the Red Sea.

Winter holidays in Briançon 4:24

The only time we went on holidays during winter at the snow. We stayed a week in Briançon, in the french Alps and we also got to Turino, in  Italy, during a day. We had an nice apartment in a chalet. Unfortunately we expected snow but we got a very bright sun instead with warmth.

Most of the pictures are taken in the highest village in France.

This year, Sigmund, her Yorkshire terrier was with us for the first time.

Soon to come x:xx